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School Visits

I love visiting schools to talk about books, writing, and curiosity! Due to COVID-19 restrictions, all visits are virtual at this time.

Writing Workshops


From Sight to Sound to Story:

Fun Ways to Find New Ideas


Where do ideas come from? From all around you! In this workshop, we will explore how to tap into the information we get from our five senses to find the seeds of new story ideas.

Poetry in Prose: Using Poetic Language


After a brief primer on the linguistic tools of poets, students will explore how to express simple ideas through poetic language, and experiment with using these techniques to flavor their prose writing.

Secrets of Story Structure

  All Ages

What are the elements of story? In this workshop, using picture books, students will learn how to break down and understand the elements of story structure and apply them in their own writing.



What Bugs!


Why do bugs bite, and why does it itch? And can't we just get rid of those pests? This introduction to biting creatures, biodiversity, and food webs will foster an appreciation for insects in young students.

Small World, Big Ideas: Using Everyday Materials to Bring Your Ideas to Life


In this engineering presentation and workshop, younger students will learn about young people around the world who have used everyday materials to improve their lives. After an introduction to the engineering design method, students will make their own paper rockets with a kit provided. 35 kids maximum.

What Makes a Book?

  4-6, 7-8

How are books made? This presentation will walk students through the process of making a picture book, from story idea to finished product.

Important Information: Please provide a projector for all in-person presentations, and a microphone for all in-person presentations to 100 students or more.

A flipchart is required for What Bugs! and for all writing workshops.

Speaking Fees: Virtual Visits: $150 for up to an hour; $125 per additional presentation on the same day, up to a maximum of four presentations.

In-Person Visits: $250 for up to an hour; $200 per additional presentation on the same day, $800 for a full day (four presentations)

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