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Cover Collection : Green Lantern: Legacy, written by Minh Le, illustrated by Andie Tong, designed by

Updated: May 12, 2020

Welcome to Cover Collection, my (mostly) weekly blog series in which I get REALLY EXCITED about book covers that I REALLY LOVE, and break down some of the elements of each cover's design that make it stand out. We've been on a bit of an unexpected hiatus, because...well...*waves at everything*. I have to say, living through a pandemic is way more boring than I thought it would be. But, also, living through a pandemic allows me to get way less done online than I thought it would. It turns out the residential internet infrastructure wasn't designed for the whole country to work from home all at the same time. Who knew? I think I've worked out a bandwidth-sharing rhythm with the rest of my family, so here's hoping things will flow a little more smoothly from here on out!

This week, I want to talk about the cover of a book that I am SO EXCITED about! The illustrator, Andie Tong, did an amazing job bringing Minh Le's story to life, and the cover, designed by Monique Narboneta,* is fabulous. Check out the cover of Green Lantern: Legacy!

There's so much that I love about this cover. First, I want to talk about the composition. In the extreme background, there are clouds and sky. Then in front of that, an old woman's head. Then in front of that, the title text. Then in front of THAT, the image of the main character. I love that placement of the main character in the foreground, pushing in front of the title text. It's a very powerful placement. And those shards around the edges? Did you notice them at first? Probably not, because they echo the clouds in the background, but they're there. Those are a masterful addition that hint at the racial tensions that open the book.

And can we talk about the colors? I love the colors in the background, how they echo a sunrise--like the rise of a new power, and a new hope, which is what the main character is feeling on the cover.

And speaking of the characters, let's talk about the characters! I love the way the main character is centered on the cover, leaping up and forward and punching the air. It's such a powerful pose! And I also love the image of the elderly woman's face in the center at the top, looking down on the main character as if she is his protector. (You'll find out when you read the book who she is and what her relationship is to the main character, but I bet you can guess based on this cover! And that's what good cover design is all about.) And did you notice that she is green? That's important!

Enough about what I love about this cover. What do YOU love about it?

If you don't have Green Lantern: Legacy yet, never fear! You can get it online and support an independent bookstore by going here.**

*I think... The credits in this book are a little confusing, so if someone who knows more about this than me is reading this and sees that I'm wrong, please correct me!

**I am a proud Bookshop affiliate, and receive a small percentage from all purchases made through my Bookshop affiliate link.

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