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Here a Book, There a Book, Everywhere a Signed Book...

Small World has been out in the world for two and a half weeks, and friends have been sharing pictures of their kids reading and loving it, and people I only know online have been sharing pictures of it and saying nice things about it, and people I don't know at all have been sharing pictures of it in bookstores, and I'm overwhelmed by the support and joy and connection people are finding with this book.

Photo by Cari Walton-Mistry; Photobomb by Mystery Dude

And if you're in Southern Ontario, and you want a signed copy, there are places where you can get one! I've been rocketing around Southern Ontario, and leaving a trail of signed copies in my wake. (And check out the awesome banner that Indigo has been making for my events! I'm standing at my full 5' next to this one for scale. How cool is this?!)

Thanks to my friend Cari Walton-Mistry for the photo!

In Toronto, Indigo Yorkdale and Chapters Scarborough have signed copies.

In Brampton, there are some signed copies at Chapters Brampton.

And in London, Ontario, there are some signed copies in Indigo North London AND Chapters South London! (Although there weren't many left at the end of my event there last weekend, so HURRY.)

I'm rocketing into Indigo Hillcrest in Richmond Hill tomorrow afternoon (that's JULY 20th) at 1 for a story time and craft event, and I've been having a ton of fun with those, so I'm really looking forward to it. And next weekend I'll be at Queen Books in Toronto for a story time and craft event at 11am! So unless we sell out during the events (which could happen), I'll be leaving signed books at those locations as well. And if you can, it would be great to see you at one of these events! Bring the under-eights in your life and make some paper rockets fly!

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