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Release Week Round-up, and Events!

Small World came out earlier this week, and whew! What a week!

So many people said such lovely things on Facebook and twitter and Instagram and in their blogs, and I am so grateful for all those kind words! And I'm so glad that Small World is finding its way into people's hearts. When you write a book, you kind of launch it out there and hope that it will land in the laps of people who will love it, who will see themselves in it, and who will embrace it. It's so gratifying to see that it has found its way to some of those people.

I did a story time and craft event today at Chapters Scarborough, and they really rolled out the red carpet! I felt like royalty. Look at this banner!

And the staff were all friendly and helpful and amazing.

I signed so many books and spoke to so many great kids about science and rockets and being an author or an artist. It was such a fun day! But if you missed it, don't worry--there are still some signed books left, so if you live in Toronto, head on over there and snag one!

And if you live elsewhere in Ontario, like Brampton or London or Richmond Hill or in the Queen Street East area of Toronto, check out my events page, because I am headed your way!

And finally, I have a favor to ask. If you read and love Small World--or even if you just like it--please review it. The fewer reviews a book has on websites like Amazon and Goodreads, the less likely it is to be seen when people search for keywords or topics that are relevant to the book. I hate asking for things like this, because I'm asking you to give me your time when you've already given the time you spent reading the book, and I'm so grateful for that! But if you can spare a few minutes, it really helps the books you love get found by more of the people who will love them. (And this goes for all books, not just my book! Anytime you like a book, taking five minutes to write a quick review will help that book find more readers who will like it as much as you do. And the author will be so grateful.)

Thanks for making Small World's first week in the world awesome!

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