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Guest Bloggin', I'm Guest Bloggin'

Small World will be rocketing into a bookstore near you in just FOUR DAYS, and I’m not panicking at all. (Okay—maybe just a little.)

I’ve been busy doing some guest blogging lately, so I wanted to link to those places here in case you missed some of them and wanted to check them out.

The super smart L. E. Carmichael hosted me on her blog on June 12, and that’s here. I’m talking about how Small World went from being a quiet quiet book to a noisy quiet book.

The wonderful Lindsay Ward hosted me on CritterLit, where I talk about my road to publication and my process and my favorite movie from the 80s. (Bet you can’t guess what it is! Actually, you probably can...)

And the amazing Debbie Ohi hosted me on her inkygirl blog, where I share advice for young writers and show a video of one of my favorite doo-dads: a wind-up “bug”!

I’m also doing a bunch of bookstore events! You can see my appearance schedule here. I hope to see you there! I’ll be reading Small World, answering questions from your little ones, and bringing a super cool STEM craft. Roll on summer!

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