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Cover Collection Special: SMALL WORLD Cover Reveal!


I first saw this back in August, and I have been waiting to show you all ever since. I am in love with Jen Corace's work, and with the design overall, which was done by Chad W. Beckerman. And it's out in the world now, so YIPPEE! Here it is! The gorgeous cover of SMALL WORLD!

Small World, art by Jen Corace

I. Am. In LOVE.

Just look at Nanda, ready to explore the world! There's so much that I love about this cover.

I love the mobile, because it's the kind of thing so many kids have in their rooms when they're really little, and the fact that it's a SPACE mobile carries Nanda's world into the orbits of not-so-little kids, too.

I love the rocket! ZOOM!

I love that Nanda is reaching out to cradle the Earth, how curious she is about it, and how it IS small here, small enough to fit in her hand, but also, its potential is really really big. The way she's looking at it reminds me of my fascination with miniatures when I was a kid, like those were little tiny universes that I could get lost in if only I could get small enough to crawl inside.

And I love the background, the way it's chopped up into little geometric shapes. I worked really hard to build a lot of layers into this book, and I love the way the cover reflects that.

AND: it's going to have spot gloss, which is my favourite thing!

I love it. I can hardly wait for it to come out on July 2nd. If you can't wait either, you can preorder it here.

What do you think?

P.S. Please click on the cover or on this link here to mark it as "want to read" on goodreads! It would truly make my day!

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