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Me, but Somewhere Else

So, I think I've said this here before, but in case you missed it: I have another book coming out! YAAAAAY! It's called SMALL WORLD, and the amazingly talented Jen Corace is illustrating it, and it comes out on July 2nd, 2019 from Abrams Books for Young Readers, and I CANNOT WAIT TO SHARE IT WITH THE WORLD.

In the meantime, since this book is my fiction debut, and also my solo-author debut, I'm in a fabulous group of debut picture bookers called New in Nineteen! And we have a group blog! On it, we talk about all kinds of things: how we found our agents, how we get ideas, our process...

I'm over there today, talking about what I'm doing in this photo:

Thumbnail sketches for the first half of SMALL WORLD

So many things going on here. So. Many.

So head on over there to give it a read, and make sure to subscribe to the blog while you're there. And also follow us on twitter at @NewInNineteen! See you there!

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