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Bite Into Bloodsuckers
Small World

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Ishta Mercurio

I was born and raised in a multicultural family in Cincinnati, Ohio, until I was 16. Then I went to college in the Berkshires, spent a rustic summer on a Maine island, got married in England, found my home in Scotland, and made a new home in Canada.

I have been an environmental activist, a barista, a behavior therapist, an actor, and an author. I still am most of those things, but I only do a couple of them for money. Mostly, I am a storyteller.

Pull up a chair.


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I love to meet my readers!

I am available for school visits*** throughout the Greater Toronto Area and in Southern Ontario, and Skype visits elsewhere in Canada and the United States. I also give various workshops for writers, and I occasionally do bookstore events throughout Canada and the United States.

***Due to the ongoing pandemic, I am only available for virtual school and library visits at this time.



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